Masterpiece  o f  Handiwork

t e r r a c o t t a


Creations of Ancient Hellenic pottery although being simply objects of everyday use in their origin, were in the same time items of an artistic value that still amazes us. This is the main reason that they are nowadays considered as the most valuable exhibits of the largest museums world wide.
     Interested in the art of our ancestors, filled with love and admiration but aware at the same time of the weight of such an attempt, we reproduced this inheritance in order to make it accessible.
        Our family tradition starts in early 1900 and focuses to the ancient inheritance after 1950.          All these years we tried to recreate vases and retain the ancient spirit while treating each different piece as having a different unique soul.
    Studies, talent, toil, possession of old techniques and most of all respect, resulted in an overwhelming acceptance for our work.    We believe that quality and aesthetic value must surmount quantity and easy profit. We trust you will evaluate our effort to reveal the greatness of Ancient Hellenic spirit and present it to you.